Speaker Biography

Sana AlBustan

Kuwait University, Kuwait

Title: Parkinson Disease: A study of public awareness in Kuwait

Sana AlBustan

Sana AlBustan is working in Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders in College of Life Sciences under Kuwait University. 


Purpose: The intended study would shed a light on Parkinson Disease (PD)in Kuwait. This study will represent the levels of awareness and knowledge among general people about PD that are currently not very well documented in Kuwait. Research Methodology: A questionnaire will be developed for this current study by the researcher that would consist of a structured item questionnaire that would compose of both open-ended and close-ended questions would be given to 50 males and 50 females after a committee of professionals in the field approve the questionnaire. Questions will be devolved to address various aspects of the definition PD, onset of PD, cause, treatment, and hereditariness Demographic data with participants demographic features such as age, gender, occupations, qualifications and educational level will also be considered and addressed in this research. SPSS analysis procedures will be used to examine and analyze the participants responses. Results: The study is still in its pre-implementation stage progress. The researcher anticipates her results will be consistent with other researchers’ findings. Important and new information that the present study might contribute: The primary goal of this study is to investigate the level of public awareness and knowledge of PD and facilitate the level of awareness and the services offered by governmental and private medical facilities in the Kuwait.