Prevention Measures

The foremost thanks to prevent the dementia is to take care of the traditional body function and interact with the opposite people and do some activity. the opposite main thanks to prevent dementia is eat healthy food. Eating of healthy food reduces the danger of dementia, avoid consuming of the fat rich content, rather than that only use the fibrous food. it'll increase the likelihood of person living without dementia.

Exercise helps to extend the blood and oxygen flow within the brain and helps to take care of the traditional psychological state of the person. Diet also helps to extend the stable psychological state .Instead of that use many whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. the amount of case studies shows that the strong reference to the social network reduces the danger of dementia and relieve the mental stress. thanks to this social interaction, it strengthens the connection between the nerve cells within the brain.


  • Track 1-1 Physical exercise and diet
  • Track 2-2 Social connection and intellectual activity
  • Track 3-3 Eat healthy food

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