Clinical Trials and Case Report

The goal of research on the dementia is to develop the drugs to recover them from the matter . it's occurred altogether over the planet . The clinical trials are done to see whether this method is safe or unsafe for the patient. Without the clinical research and caretaker there's no treatment for the dementia.

Medicines called cholinesterase inhibitors are advised for Normal to moderate dementia diseases. These drugs may help to cure the matter or suppress the matter . there's no standard treatment for dementia, but several the measures to take care of the psychological state of the patient.

Aducanumab may be a antibody an upscale drug to cure the dementia diseases. Function behind this method is that molecule binds with the drug to cure them. it's given through the intravenous vein once during a month. The antibodies used here is

  • Track 1-1 Aducanumab
  • Track 2-2 cholinesterase inhibitors

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