Molecular Genetics and Biology of Dementia

Molecular genetics (MG) may be a science concerned with the structure and performance of genes at the molecular level and includes the technique of gene-splicing, which may be defined because the direct manipulation of an organism's genome. the utilization of genetics in selection programmes rests on the power to work out the genotype of people for causal mutations or indirect markers using DNA analysis. However, a parent may pass certain genes that increase the danger of developing vascular dementia. the type of genes that increase the danger of vascular dementia are often an equivalent one that increase the danger of high vital sign, diabetes, heart condition and stroke.

Chronic illnesses that change or impair nerve cells and synapses concerned in cognition are the biological origin of dementia. At the present there are not any effective therapies to stop up or reverse the inherent disease process for the foremost common neurodegenerative diseases of elderly that cause dementia.

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